Are You Wasting Water to Keep Your Car Clean?

We all love to sit behind the wheel of a shiny, clean, spotless car that is free from mud and dust. In fact, it makes us feel pretty good about ourselves to drive around in an immaculate vehicle, it gives us a sense of pride and achievement. But, what if maintaining that level of desired cleanliness is actually harmful for the environment?

On average, your car may need as much as 7,500 liters of water per year to stay clean! That’s a lot of water to consume for this purpose, and now imagine this amount turning into waste water full of various pollutants, such as non-biodegradable detergents and brake dust. How often you wash your car, is entirely up to you, keeping in mind the environmental conditions (air pollution, insects, pollen, weather) and area in which you commute. In the summer months, your car may need cleaned more frequently due to tree sap, bird droppings, “bug season”, heat, gravel and longer trips to the countryside. At times, even a weekly cleaning is recommended to keep your vehicle in good condition. If your car sits for some days of the week in a garage, you may be able to get away with washing it just once or twice a month.

In any case, tires collect grime as they travel the streets at any speed and they are also difficult to clean. At the same time, dust collects on the dashboard and seats while your windows are open as you are enjoying the fresh air.

Back to the amount of water – there are a few environmentally sound ways to reduce your water consumption if you wash your car yourself. There is an easy 3-bucket method that allows you to save water and still achieve a sparkling clean at home. You can also utilize the services of a green carwash company that has the ability to recycle waste water, at the same time taking advantage of a high pressure washer or a low volume sprayer and eco-friendly soaps.

If you don’t have time for a DIY clean to help save water, there is now another exciting way to wash your car, nourishing your eco-conscious at the same time. Waterless car washing is the new way to clean your car. Utilizing technologically advanced green principles, it is a simple spray and wipe system which involves a complex blend of surfactants that allows valuable water to be saved for higher purposes – such as keeping it clean for drinking water, and for use in agriculture.

Waterless car washing reduces the need of water to a bare minimum and at WizWash we have reduced the water consumption down to just 48 liters per year to keep a single vehicle clean. Yes, this is more than 99% less water.

It makes perfect ecological sense. Save water, save time, save resources and maintain a clear relationship with your car and the environment, no matter where or how far you drive. It is entirely possible to acquire a spotless clean without the use of water. Try it for yourself and discover a novel, eco-friendly way to wash your car – you can even order the service while you are at work and drive your newly washed car straight back home.

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