Are you wasting water ?

Are You Wasting Water to Keep Your Car Clean?

We all love to sit behind the wheel of a shiny, clean, spotless car that is free from mud and dust. In fact, it makes us feel pretty good about ourselves to drive around in an immaculate vehicle, it gives us a sense of pride and achievement. But, what if maintaining that level of desired cleanliness is actually harmful for the environment?

On average, your car may need as much as 7,500 liters of water per year to stay clean! That’s a lot of water to consume for this purpose, and now imagine this amount turning into waste water full of various pollutants, such as non-biodegradable detergents and brake dust. How often you wash your car, is entirely up to you, keeping in mind the environmental conditions (air pollution, insects, pollen, weather) and area in which you commute. In the summer months, your car may need cleaned more frequently due to tree sap, bird droppings, “bug season”, heat, gravel and longer trips to the countryside. At times, even a weekly cleaning is recommended to keep your vehicle in good condition. If your car sits for some days of the week in a garage, you may be able to get away with washing it just once or twice a month.

In any case, tires collect grime as they travel the streets at any speed and they are also difficult to clean. At the same time, dust collects on the dashboard and seats while your windows are open as you are enjoying the fresh air.

Back to the amount of water – there are a few environmentally sound ways to reduce your water consumption if you wash your car yourself. There is an easy 3-bucket method that allows you to save water and still achieve a sparkling clean at home. You can also utilize the services of a green carwash company that has the ability to recycle waste water, at the same time taking advantage of a high pressure washer or a low volume sprayer and eco-friendly soaps.

If you don’t have time for a DIY clean to help save water, there is now another exciting way to wash your car, nourishing your eco-conscious at the same time. Waterless car washing is the new way to clean your car. Utilizing technologically advanced green principles, it is a simple spray and wipe system which involves a complex blend of surfactants that allows valuable water to be saved for higher purposes – such as keeping it clean for drinking water, and for use in agriculture.

Waterless car washing reduces the need of water to a bare minimum and at WizWash we have reduced the water consumption down to just 48 liters per year to keep a single vehicle clean. Yes, this is more than 99% less water.

It makes perfect ecological sense. Save water, save time, save resources and maintain a clear relationship with your car and the environment, no matter where or how far you drive. It is entirely possible to acquire a spotless clean without the use of water. Try it for yourself and discover a novel, eco-friendly way to wash your car – you can even order the service while you are at work and drive your newly washed car straight back home.

Waterless Carwash

How waterless car wash works

Waterless Car Washing – What it is and how it works

Energy conservation is an extremely important issue that we are facing today, ever increasing with concern in the decades to come, as resources are used up with a quickening pace. Technology propels us into the future and it is up to our ingenuity to implement creative solutions that will address problems such as climate change, water scarcity and natural resource allocation.

In other words, everything we do, including the services we provide and the products we create must promote sustainability to its fullest. WizWash is helping to pave the way with our waterless car wash system, that not only helps to preserve the environment by reducing the amount of wastewater that is released back into flowing rivers and protected wetlands, it has a valuable social impact as well.

From an environmental standpoint you can see why a waterless car wash has significance with its most obvious characteristic of conserving water. But how exactly does a waterless carwash work? Is it the right choice for you and your car? Should you do it yourself, or hire someone with the right tools and expertise in cleaning vehicles professionally? Simply put, a waterless car wash begins with a biodegradable spray, allowing eco-friendly surfactants to lift dirt from the paint, leaving the surface smoothly polished. For a professional looking clean car, start the waterless car wash method at the top of the vehicle and spray it down with the solution. The aim is to do a smaller section at a time and wipe it clean before it dries on its own.

It is not a complicated system, yet it does take time and practice, a bit of knowledge and the right materials for a proper waterless car wash.

With a busy schedule and a to-do list a mile long, you may not find the necessary time to engage in an eco-responsible waterless car wash on your own – buying the supplies, the cloths, let alone having the space to clean your car… That is where and when a professional cleaning company can deliver an amazing service. Just as you would hire an experienced housecleaner, WizWash can help you out when it comes to keeping your vehicle spotlessly clean.

Give WizWash a call, even order our services online straight from your phone and make a smart decision. We’ll come wherever you are, to your home or workplace and perform our waterless car wash service while you shop, get your hair done, or while you are making money doing what you love.


Live life as it comes and let the details fall into place. You can choose from 3 waterless car wash packages, ranging in length from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. In the process, you save your valuable time, you help to save precious water on Earth, and you save your car from the unpredictable marks of rain, dust, bugs and puddles. A waterless car wash is a novel thing, so take advantage of it and don’t let time or water go to waste!

Saving water

Wizwash & Water Scarcity

Water Scarcity and Pollution

It is imperative to note that our world is in a climate change era. One of the impacts of climate change is believed to be water scarcity. Additionally, the human population is growing at an alarming rate and projected to reach 9 billion by the year 2050. The increasing growth of human population has led to an increase in the demand for water resources, threatening our already thinning water resources. The United Nations (UN) even considers water scarcity to be a major issue for the 21st century and one of the UN goals is for everyone to have access to clean water.

At Wizwash, we operate in an environmentally friendly way. We are conscious about our environment and have adapted sustainability into our business strategy and operations. As a result, we have devised a clean and innovative way of washing cars without using a single drop of water.

In a world where businesses are increasingly competing for natural resources to fuel their operations, we at Wizwash consider the wellbeing of both people and the environment in our operations and put their interests above ours. As a result, we ensure that our services do not in any way abuse any living creature. This has been made possible through our newly developed waterless green technology. This new, eco-friendly way is truly amazing, and thanks to our organizational resources and skilled professionals. We are going green, and so should you.

This in turn also means that we are taking out part in reducing water pollution. Not only are we reducing the amount of water used for car cleaning, but the minimal amount that we do use will only contain the remains of our bio-degradable cleaning products, making the water recyleable. The issue of water pollution is a serious global issue because contaminated waters are harmful to living organisms that consume or come in contact with them. Both humans and the environment suffer negatively when exposed to contaminated waters. For example, kidney and lung diseases can be caused by water pollution. Some death records of marine life have also been linked to polluted water.

Wizwash has made positive efforts to save the environment and protect the people and our planet. It is a guiding line in everything that we do.